Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wizards Vs Aliens Series 3 details

Included below are the episode details from Wizards Vs Aliens Series 3: 

The Secret Of Room 12
Written by Phil Ford. Directed by Mark Everest
Guest starring: Alex Childs (joins as a regular), James Barriscale and Alex Blake 
Aired Oct 27

The Quantum Effect
Written by Julie Dixon. Directed by Mark Everest
Guest starring: Lewis Macleod, Tom Bell and Cherie Lunghi  
Aired Nov 3 & 4

The Daughters of Stone
Written by Phil Ford. Directed by Lee Haven Jones
Guest starring: Adjoa Andoh and Vincent Bramble
 Airs Nov 10 & 11

The Key Of Bones 
Written by Sasha Hails. Directed by Lee Haven Jones 
Guest starring: Trevor Cooper, Lewis Macleod, Tom Bell and Junix Inocian
 Airs Nov 17 & 18

Episode seven brings more tears in the Line of Twilight as Simeon proposes a quest to find the only object that can heal it: the ancient and lost Key of Bones. But unbeknownst to Tom or his grandfather, the Lady Lyzera has invaded Simeon's dreams and is determined to acquire the Key for herself.

In episode eight, Tom, Michael and Simeon are trapped with Varg and Lyzera on a deadly quest for the Key of Bones by the mischievous Quest Master. Negotiating perilous puzzles in an ancient castle, who will prove worthy enough to possess the one artefact that can save the world - or destroy it?
Twilight Falls
Written by Phil Ford. Directed by Mark Everest
Guest starring: Lewis Macleod,  Simona Brown, Clive Russell and Chris Finney
Airs Nov 24 & 25

Episode nine sees Randal Moon learn that the Lady Lyzera intends to release Warlock from his centuries-long exile on the Neverside and he is faced with a decision that may destroy the Chamber of Crowe. Soon, Tom is thrown into a fight to save the Dayside from destruction with an unlikely new partner.

In episode ten, the final episode of the series, Tom and Moon try to stop Warlock escaping the Neverside through the Doorway of Long Shadows. They discover to their horror that there is another way into the Dayside – to save the world Tom will have to overcome not only the Nekross but his own darkest fears!