Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More promo pics!

The BBC have released more promotional pictures from WIZARDS VS ALIENS - click on the pics here for bigger versions. The images come from the first two stories, Dawn of the Nekross and Grazlax Attacks. Featured are: SCOTT HARAN (who plays Tom Clarke), JEFFERSON HALL (Varg), PERCELLE ASCOTT (Benny Sherwood), GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE (Lexi), BRIAN BLESSED (as the voice of the Nekross King), and DAN STARKEY (Randal Moon).

Dawn of the Nekross Parts 1 and 2 are available on the BBC iPlayer and will be repeated on CBBC this Saturday at 10am. Grazlax Attacks airs Nov 5 & 6 at 5.15pm on CBBC.

Thanks to BBC Pictures

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Podcast! Dawn of the Nekross

Included in the player above is a podcast reviewing the very first WIZARDS VS ALIENS story, Dawn of the Nekross! Both parts are discussed whilst the show also features a spoiler~free preview of next week's story, Grazlax Attacks. You can also download the Wizards Vs Aliens podcast HERE or subscribe for free on iTunes HERE.

For next week's show, we're looking for your thoughts on Dawn of the Nekross Parts 1 & 2 - so do get in touch! You can comment below, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

Grazlax Attacks promo pics

The BBC have released promo pics from next week's WIZARDS VS ALIENS story, Grazlax Attacks - click on the images for bigger versions. The two episodes air on CBBC at 5.15pm, Nov 5 & 6. Included in the pictures are: PERCELLE ASCOTT (who plays Benny Sherwood), SCOTT HARAN (Tom Clarke), DON GILET (Richard Sherwood),  NINA SOSANYA (Tricia Sherwood), JEFFERSON HALL (Varg), GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE (Lexi), Ursula (ANNETTE BADLAND), MANPREET BAMBRA (Katie) and DAN STARKEY (Randal Moon).

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rebel Magic synposes

The episode synopses for the third WIZARDS VS ALIENS story Rebel Magic has been released, check them out below! The brilliant two~parter is written by Joe Lidster.

In episode 5, Rebel Magic (part one), when Tom meets another wizard called Jackson Hawke, he can’t resist dabbling in dangerous magic. Benny tries to warn him, to no avail, but all three lads are unaware of the Nekross getting closer and closer – and this time, alien Prince Varg is determined to make it personal.
Monday 12 November 5.15-5.45pm on CBBC 

Rebel Magic (part two), Tom and Jackson take the fight to the Nekross, but their forbidden Grim Magic is taking its toll on Tom. Only Benny can help his best friend – but he’s been enchanted. Tom’s Dad and Gran Ursula fight to reach Tom in time, but dawn is rising, and the final confrontation is about to begin…
Tuesday 13 November  5.15-5.45pm on CBBC

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Episodes update

Here's an update on the first three stories from WIZARDS VS ALIENS Series One. Episodes will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on CBBC at 5.15pm. There will also be a repeat every Saturday morning at 10am.

As we announced previously, Dawn of the Nekross will air on Monday Oct 29 and Tuesday Oct 30. See promo pics HERE and HERE and read the synopses HERE.

Grazlax Attacks will air on Monday Nov 5 and Tuesday Nov 6.  Read the synopses HERE. Like the opener, this story is written by Phil Ford.

Rebel Magic will air Monday Nov 12 and Tuesday Nov 19. This story is written by Joseph Lidster and you can read the synopses HERE.

Dawn of the Nekross promo pics!


The BBC have released loads of of new promotional pictures from the first WIZARDS VS ALIENS story, Dawn of the Nekross - click on the images here for bigger versions. Featured in the pics are: SCOTT HARAN (Tom Clarke), PERCELLE ASCOTT (Benny Sherwood), ANNETTE BADLAND (Ursula), JEFFERSON HALL (Varg) and GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE (Lexi), SARA STEWART (Miss Webster), BRIAN MILLER (Old Mark) and PAUL HUNTER (Robert).

Dawn of the Nekross Part One airs Monday Oct 29 on CBBC, with the second part broadcasting a day later.

Thanks to BBC Pictures