Sunday, January 29, 2012

New info from Russell T Davies interview

Aliens Vs Wizards co-creator Russell T Davies has been speaking to The Guardian about the series - read the full interview here. Read about who is involved here and below are some new bits of info about the series:

AvW "will be screened by the BBC this autumn."

RTD started work on the show a year ago.

AvW is a "really geeky idea, the cleverest of the lot", which taps into the latest film and TV craze, mashing up different genres

26 episodes have been ordered (the first series includes 12 x 30 minute eps)

A "big spaceship" arrives in Episode One.
At the core is an ideological clash as the two boys argue over the separate worlds of magic and science, such as the existence of spells versus laser technology.
The wizard teenager is descended from a family of wizards, but he keeps this a secret and attends a comprehensive school.

AvW will also feature lots of prosthetic monsters and not just computer generated imagery.

AvW is a "lavish multimillion-pound series"

Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies laments decline of children's TV

Monday, January 23, 2012

Aliens Vs Wizards parody poster

Thanks to Tommy Two Times for sending this.

Who's involved?

After today's press release announcing Aliens Vs Wizards, lots of people are wondering who's involved in the series. As stated, former Doctor Who writers Russell T Davies and Phil Ford are in charge but various Twitter accounts have revealed further collaborators.

Gareth Roberts (Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures), Joe Lidster (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Clayton Hickman (former Doctor Who Magazine editor and co-writer of a The Sarah Jane Adventures story) all have some input and let's just assume, for the moment, they are all writing stories for the show.

Currently, Roberts and Lidster are confirmed as writing one story each (two episodes). Thanks to mdear. Whilst Who author Gary Russell also added: "the show I was briefly working on has been announced."

Derek Ritchie (Second Assistant Director on BBC Three's Being Human) has told me, through Twitter, that he is the Script Editor for AvW. Costume designer Ray Holman (Doctor Who Series 5) is also working on the series.

Russell T Davies to create new children’s drama for CBBC

From the BBC Press Office:

Aliens Vs Wizards has been created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who) and will be produced by BBC Cymru Wales in association with FremantleMedia Enterprises.

From the dark side of the moon, aliens are scanning the Earth searching for magic and are prepared to destroy everything in their path to get it. All that stands in the way of Earth’s imminent destruction are two 16-year old schoolboys, Tom and Benny. It’s Ray Guns vs Wands; Science vs Magic and Aliens vs Wizards. Russell says:
"Writing for children is the biggest challenge of all and I think CBBC stands right at the heart of broadcasting. So I'm delighted to launch this show, a true nationwide collaboration - a Salford commission from a BBC Wales team. We're joining genres too - the show's a wild, funny, thrilling and sometimes scary collision of magic and science fiction."
Tom Clarke lives a seemingly ordinary life with his dad and grandmother. However he hides a deep secret - Tom’s family are wizards and when the Nekross arrive, hungry for magic, they find themselves on the menu. The Nekross may be equipped with ray guns, teleports and high-tech robots but they haven’t reckoned on Tom and his friend, science super-brain Benny. They form an extraordinary duo, using Tom’s magic and Benny’s science to battle the Nekross and save the Earth. Russell adds:
“Wizards have never met aliens before, and when they do, the result is spectacular! The mysterious Nekross know exactly what to do with magicians. Eat them! Let battle be joined!”
Davies started his career in children’s television, writing and producing dramas such as Dark Season (BBC One) and Children’s Ward (ITV) before going on to pen a host of hit adult award-winning dramas including Queer As Folk (Channel 4) and Casanova (BBC Three). In 2005, he brought Doctor Who back to the BBC after a 16-year hiatus and, as executive producer, oversaw the production of two spin-off series, Torchwood (BBC Three) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (CBBC) that ran for five series on the channel. CBBC Controller Damian Kavanagh, who commissioned the new series, says:
"This is going to be an incredible rollercoaster ride of an adventure. We believe children deserve the best and we’re delighted to be working again with Russell and the talented teams at BBC Wales and FME to bring the story to life."

Faith Penhale, Head of Drama BBC Cymru Wales, adds:
"We're so excited to be working with Russell again on this ground-breaking and hugely ambitious drama for CBBC. Filmed here in our brand new studios in Roath Lock, Cardiff, Aliens Vs Wizards promises to be spellbinding television drama for children."

Sander Schwartz, President, Kids & Family Entertainment, FME, comments:
"This series has all the ingredients to become a global hit – the extraordinary battle between aliens and wizards is guaranteed to entertain kids around the world, not to mention the incredibly talented team behind the series, led by the wonderful Russell T Davies. We are thrilled to be partnering with CBBC once again on what will be a fantastic addition to FME’s ever expanding portfolio of family entertainment brands."

Aliens Vs Wizards (12 x 30mins) will be produced by BBC Cymru Wales for CBBC for broadcast in Autumn 2012. The executive producers are Russell T Davies, Bethan Jones and Gina Cronk for the BBC and Bob Higgins and Sander Schwartz for FME. The producer is Brian Minchin and co-producer Phil Ford.