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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New info from Russell T Davies interview

Aliens Vs Wizards co-creator Russell T Davies has been speaking to The Guardian about the series - read the full interview here. Read about who is involved here and below are some new bits of info about the series:

AvW "will be screened by the BBC this autumn."

RTD started work on the show a year ago.

AvW is a "really geeky idea, the cleverest of the lot", which taps into the latest film and TV craze, mashing up different genres

26 episodes have been ordered (the first series includes 12 x 30 minute eps)

A "big spaceship" arrives in Episode One.
At the core is an ideological clash as the two boys argue over the separate worlds of magic and science, such as the existence of spells versus laser technology.
The wizard teenager is descended from a family of wizards, but he keeps this a secret and attends a comprehensive school.

AvW will also feature lots of prosthetic monsters and not just computer generated imagery.

AvW is a "lavish multimillion-pound series"

Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies laments decline of children's TV

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